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The polio, however much dreaded disease it is, starts with a very common symptom that is found usually in many general diseases. There are very common symptoms of fever, headache, and fatigue and muscle pain in the affected person initially. Sometimes there are the feeling of nausea and spasm also develop in the patient which is resulting in, later on, permanent paralysis in one or both limbs. This way the disease starts to show its ugly face by rendering the affected person a permanent paralytic. The most serious thing is that a major portion of the patients are from the age group of less than five years which is a very uncomfortable situation.  If the symptoms are diagnosed early in Pulse Polio immunization plan than it is possible to give them effective treatment otherwise in the absence of the proper diagnosis and treatment, the child becomes handicapped for life.  The reason behind not getting the effective Pulse Polio Immunization treatment is that most of the symptoms of Polio are not visible in more than 90 percent of people.

The invention of the Pulse Polio immunization vaccine is a boon for the people who are badly affected by this dreaded disease. This person who is administered the two doses of the Pulse Polio immunization vaccine, has been able to develop antibodies that are capable of countering all three types of polio viruses and the people who get three doses of Pulse polio immunization  vaccine are 99 percent immune to the disease. Dr. Albert Sabin was the person who has developed Pulse Polio immunization Oral Polio vaccine or OPV website in 1961. Today maximum numbers of countries use OPV for achieving Polio eradication targets. This vaccine is helpful in not only in preventing the pernicious infection but also counter transmission of wild polio virus. As it is not possible for the polio virus to survive out of the host for two weeks, it is supposed that the poliomyelitis is eradicated.

Pulse polio immunization cannot ascertain the total cure of the person who is infected with polio. But the affected person can be rehabilitated with the help of modern mobility aids and other therapies.


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