About Pulse Polio


Pulse Polio is the one of the most harmful diseases that is showing their presence in the large section of the population, no matter whether it is our country or any other country of the world. This disease has such a harmful effect on the body that if it is not handled in the initial stages, the person who is affected with this could not be saved from its dire effects for life long. The Pulse Polio is a disease that cannot be cured easily and only it can be prevented in the initial stages of it from taking an ugly shape. It makes the life of the affected person miserable because it render his body handicapped or even sometimes it makes him permanently paralyzed so he becomes unable to have control over his parts of the body. These are the dire results of the dreaded disease Pulse Polio. It is a hard truth that this dreaded disease is not waning in our country. There are several Pulse Polio programs that have been launched to eradicate this disease from the land.

 In the aforesaid lines, it has already been mentioned that Pulse Polio is such a dreaded disease that has spread its wings in the country, so it is necessary that it should be tackled in the way as is internationally prevalent. The government of the country is well aware of the fact so it regularly launches several Pulse Polio plans and programs every year to counter this disease.  The latest launch for countering this disease , by the government is the programs like ‘ Do Boond Jindagi Key’ and ‘ Polio Sunday’  and these programs have done a very good promotion for countering the Pulse Polio on the road without much spending  and still the remaining half is there. The target is the Zero Polio children and to achieve this target, with this day of Pulse Polio Sunday, there are many camps and awareness programs are being organized, especially in the rural as well as in the remote areas, the maximum work is being done to impart knowledge and thereby motivate the people against Pulse Polio.

With the help of these anti Pulse Polio programs, the efforts of the government as well as the public have started to show the results and the awareness that is generated by these efforts among the people from every nook and corner, has compelled them to get their children for the medical check on vast scale.


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